Scientific Method and Analysis (SMA)

 Electron microscope image of a mite; Prof. Billington spaghetti bridge competition; Tajikistan_satellite_photo


Scientific Method and Analysis (SMA) courses have as their focus an understanding of the objects, processes and phenomena of natural science. 


Scientific literacy is critical to complex problem-solving and touches on many aspects of human life.  Courses in Scientific Method and Analysis will enhance your ability to analyze and synthesize scientific information about the natural and physical world, understand the limitations and strengths of existing theories, ask strategic questions, and assess empirical evidence.


You might gain knowledge in the SMA Way by taking courses in the natural, physical, and earth sciences, engineering sciences, as well as social sciences that examine or utilize principles underlying the physical or natural world.  In Scientific Method and Analysis, you’ll find courses that explore the biological mechanisms that underlie behavior, whereas courses that emphasize human behavior will be found in Social Inquiry.

You’ll need to take two courses in Scientific Method and Analysis.  Thinking Matters courses, many Introductory Seminars, and some of your major requirements may also count towards your Ways coursework.  Courses must be at least 3 units and taken for a letter grade.


You’ll find many courses that will allow you to explore Scientific Method and Analysis, but here are just a few:

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