About the Resilience Project

Why is resilience important?

On a small scale, being resilient will enable you to raise your hand in class and risk "sounding stupid." On a grander scale, it will allow you to try something really hard whether or not you're sure you'll do well at it. Ultimately, resilience will allow you to make the most of Stanford's opportunities to learn. The growth and wisdom that can only be achieved by navigating setbacks should not be considered the consolation prize to success, but rather bona fiderevenue through which new perspectives are gained and crucial shifts in thinking are heralded. It's not about how how epic your failure, it's about how you get up.

The Resilience Project's Core Ideas

  • Learn about learning
  • Seek advice
  • Get perspective
  • Connect with community

About the Resilience Project

The Resilience Project is a collaborative effort of the following offices: Center for Teaching and Learning, Undergraduate Advising and Research, Office of Judicial Affairs, and Career Development Center, Bing Overseas Studies Program, Residential Education, and the Stanford Alumni Association.

How We Came To Be

We are grateful to Abigail Lipson, Director of Harvard’s Bureau of Study Counsel, whose Success/Failure Project and publication “Reflections on Rejections” inspired us to launch Stanford’s Resilience Project.

Contact Us

Write to resilience@stanford.edu, or contact Adina Glickman, Director of The Resilience Project at adinag@stanford.edu.