Understanding Great Mental Health Hospitals

Ashworth Hospital sign
Ariela Safira, '17

The precise goal of this Senior Synthesis project was to research and study the world’s best mental health institutions in order to later redesign suicide prevention methods in the United States. Ariela has been deeply passionate about suicide prevention and mental health since her freshman year at Stanford. After working independently and in the d. school on this passion, she learned that she needed to better understand extremely successful mental health initiatives before she could redesign rehabs, mental wards, or education systems herself.

Poetic Cartography: Capturing the Tenor of Japan and Taiwan Through Verse

Joshua De Leon, '17

What is poetic cartography? Simply, it seeks to accomplish the same thing a map does - guide the reader through an unfamiliar place. Instead of county borders and bodies of water, however, I want to explore something harder to find on your handy atlas - the human situation in that unfamiliar place, the beauty and pain within those borders and seas.

Self-Regulation of Harvester Ant Foraging

Harvester ants. Photo by Katie Dektar.
Katherine Dektar, '11

In harvester ant colonies the return of successful foragers stimulates others to leave the nest to look for food; if the rate of incoming successful foragers decreases, a very rapid decrease is also seen in the rate of outgoing foragers.  Katie Dektar was interested in algorithms describing how the ants waiting inside the nest leave and forage based on when others return with food.  Algorithms describing the way the internet works, especially window-based flow control algorithms like Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), served as an intriguing model.  The notion that networking algorithms a

Books and Tales

Books and Tales image by Sabrina Bedford.
Sabrina Bedford, '13

Books and Tales is a collection of illustrations based on Bedford’s own work of fiction: Faustine. This series of 15 illustrations is done in acrylic and oil paint. The novel is a companion to something she has already written: Aelfric’s Music Box. Faustine is about a young girl who has grown up several decades in the future. Problems with climate change and class warfare leave her to take care of herself in her family’s house. She must learn to adjust without technology, her parents, or instruction.

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