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More than two dozen How I Write conversations are now available via Stanford on iTunes. See and hear guests from bass guitar star Victor Wooten to chemist Richard Zare, from acclaimed essayist Rebecca Solnit to theoretical physicist Leonard Susskind.

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Transcripts are available for selected How I Write conversations.


"How I Write" has been featured in The Human Experience: Inside the Humanities at Stanford:

Each quarter Obenzinger invites someone who writes, including all types of experienced writers in all sorts of genres and forms, to share their writing style, habits, pleasures and pains with an audience. Over the years, Obenzinger has heard it all, from a scientist who quotes Shakespeare in research articles to a novelist who only writes while wearing her favorite cowboy hat. As peculiar as some of these quirks may sound, Obenzinger has discovered that there are all kinds of ways to write, and he shares this mantra with the undergraduates who turn to him for assistance when tackling, what for many is their first long-form writing project, their honors theses. In addition to fiction writers, writers from a wide range of fields, including political science, engineering, poetry and human biology have taken part in “How I Write” events. Past guests have included Stanford President John Hennessey, English professor and director of American Studies Shelley Fisher Fishkin and political science professor Terry Karl. Other speakers have included scientists such as Richard Zare and computer scientist Eric Roberts.

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