Tutor Bios

About Hume Center Tutors
Our tutors are experts in writing and speaking, and they come from various backgrounds and disciplines. To meet with a tutor, schedule an appointment or stop by Hume for drop-in hours. Tutors are not available to read drafts or arrange tutoring outside of their scheduled hours.
Current Consultants
Learn about our appointment-based writing tutors and their specialties
Undergraduate peer writing tutors for 2017-18.
Oral Communication Tutors (OCTs) are highly-trained peer tutors, including undergraduates and graduate students from various disciplines
Our digital media consultants can work with students on developing the argument of visual or multimedia documents such as slideshows, websites, or video
StoryLab’s mission is to help Stanford students, faculty and staff learn the craft of storytelling. Let us help you build vivid, compelling stories out of your research, personal experiences, imagination, and insights.