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Photo of Christine Alfano

Christine Alfano specializes in visual culture, new media, multimedia, and digital rhetoric. She is the co-author, with Alyssa O’Brien, of the Envision textbook series, which teaches students how to write persuasive arguments within today’s high-definition visual culture. She has worked extensively with web design, blogs, micro-blogs, social media, and wikis, and has experience working with student projects including multimedia photo essays, visual op-ads, youtube videos, Prezi and PowerPoint presentations, and game design.

Erik Ellis specializes in visual rhetoric and multimodal literacies. He has taught courses on picture books, the rhetoric of words and images, and multimedia essays. His essay “Back to the Future?: The Pedagogical Promise of the (Multimedia) Essay” appears in the collection Multimodal Literacies and Emerging Genres. He has worked extensively with Keynote for presentation design, has experience designing blogs with WordPress, and enjoys helping students create storyboards.

Photo of Ruth Starkman

Ruth Starkman specializes in visual media, film and media theory, film history and screenwriting. Her scholarly work includes articles on Leni Riefenstahl, the Hollywood musical, the Western and Film Noir. An academic with a background in script doctoring, screenwriting and film novelization, she enjoys helping students develop and implement their narratives, dialogue and visual argument. She has experience working on films, screenplays, photo essays, web design, blogs, social media, and wikis.