Appointment-Based Writing Tutors

Christine Alfano

Areas of specialization: literature and history

Genre expertise: undergraduate essays and research presentation scripting, multimedia arguments

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, narrowing research topics, time management, and revision

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Mutallip Anwar

Areas of expertise: applied linguistics, language education, discourse analysis

Genre expertise: research writing, scholarship essays

Enjoys giving writers a heightened sense of audience presence


Angela Becerra Vidergar

Area of specialization: humanities, radio and podcast storytelling, journalism

Genre expertise: personal statements, conference presentations, dissertations, storytelling in argument, academic work for non-academic audiences, multimedia journalism, writing for the ear

Enjoys coaching: brainstorming, organization, narrative/story, scene-setting

Shaleen Brawn

Areas of specialization: social science, science, and literature

Able to tutor any genre of writing

Enjoys coaching revision strategies


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Tessa Rose Brown

Areas of specialization: humanities, social sciences, creative writing

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant proposals, dissertations

Enjoys coaching organizing and developing arguments

Nissa Ren Cannon

Area of specialization: American Literature, Periodical Studies, Modernist Literature

Genre expertise: Argumentative essays, arts reviews, research proposals

Enjoys sharing techniques for drafting and revising!

Kelsi Caywood

Area of specialization: Social sciences, cultural studies, legal/policy analysis

Genre expertise: Honors theses, articles for publication, personal statements

Enjoys coaching clarity, argument development, managing research projects


Julie Chang

Areas of specialization: Science and engineering

Genre expertise: Personal statements, dissertations, grant applications, and writing for publication

Enjoys coaching Brainstorming, clarity, organization and strategies for answering application prompts


Tara Diener

Areas of specialization: Anthropology, History, Bioethics, Nursing

Genre expertise: Creative non-fiction, storytelling, academic (humanities and social sciences), PR

Enjoys helping students achieve the goals they set for themselves.


Kevin DiPirro

Science, Technology, and Society Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: theater and creative writing

Genre expertise: grant applications and personal statements

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, argument revision, introductions and conclusions

Writing Specialist in Science, Technology, and Society

Erik Ellis

Areas of specialization: creative writing, journalism, rhetoric and composition

Genre expertise: applications, personal statements, and multimodal composition

Enjoys coaching writing productivity, brainstorming, and revision strategies

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Norah Fahim

Areas of specialization: rhetoric and composition, TESOL, second language writing

Genre expertise: conference proposal abstracts, scholarly articles, cover letters, personal statements

Enjoys coaching qualitative research methods, brainstorming, organization, revision, reading for writing

Able to tutor writing in Arabic

Lindsey Felt

Areas of specialization: literature, science and technology studies, cultural studies

Genre expertise: research articles and dissertations, personal statements, cover letters, grant and fellowship applications, journalism

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, analysis, organization, revision


Megan Formato

Areas of specialization: humanities, history, science and technology studies

Genre expertise: personal statements for graduate school applications, grant and fellowship applications

Enjoys coaching strategies for overcoming writer's block, brainstorming, revision

Holly Fulton

reas of specialization: Rhetorics of Race, Class, and Gender; Digital Rhetorics; Writing in the Disciplines; TA Training; Public Sphere Theory; and Rhetorical Criticism

Genre expertise: Research Writing, Rhetorical Analysis, Business Writing, Autobiographical Writing, Textual Analysis/Close Reading, Field Research/Ethnography-Based Writing, Flash Talk/Presentation Composition, and Visual/Multimodal Composing

Enjoys identifying the writing methods that work best with each student's personality and preferences

Mark Gardiner

Areas of specialization: Anthropology, social sciences, science and technology studies, environmental studies, politics and organizations

Genre expertise: research papers, essays, personal statements, grant proposals, ethnographic writing

Enjoys Getting to know students and working outside my subject areas. Brainstorming, getting past writer's block, revising overall structure and coherence, building narrative, fine-tuning sentences

Wendy Goldberg

Areas of specialization: literature, creative writing, social sciences

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant applications

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, revision, style

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Sariel Golomb

Areas of specialization: Humanities; Theater & Performance Studies; Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies; English Literature

Genre expertise: Applications, resumes, personal statements, grant proposals, artist statements,

Enjoys brainstorming, honing arguments, revision techniques, writing for publication


Arturo Heredia

Areas of specialization: literature, ethnic studies, music and social sciences

Genre expertise: lab reports, personal statements, grant applications

Enjoys coaching brainstorming and revision

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Shannon Hervey

Area of specialization: humanities

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant applications, dissertation chapters

Enjoys coaching brainstorming and organization

Stacey Huang

Area of specialization: engineering, physical sciences, science communication

Genre expertise: personal statements, technical writing, dissertations, conference proceedings

Enjoys discussing rganization, cohesion, clairty


Brittany S. Hull

Areas of specialization: Rhetoric and Composition, Applied Linguistics, Cultural Rhetoric, Women & Gender Studies

Genre expertise: literature, research (autoethnography), scholarships, personal statements, cover letters

Enjoys brainstorming, developing ideas, narrative


Charlotte Hull

Areas of specialization: history, literature

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant applications, research papers

Enjoys coaching: reading for writing, brainstorming, organization, revision strategies, style

Donna Hunter

History Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: literature and social sciences (with an emphasis in identity studies, criminality and social change advocacy)

Genre expertise: personal statements and grant applications

Enjoys coaching loving your ideas, turning ideas and evidence into arguments, and revision strategies

Mishi Jain

Areas of specialization: Law, Political Science, Law, Public Policy

Genre expertise: personal statements, applications, and argumentative essays

Enjoys asking the tutee guiding questions and observing how they come up with brilliant ideas to edit their writing on the spot


Harriett Virginia-Ann Jernigan

Area of specialization: humanities, second language acquisition, English as a foreign language (EFL), public speaking, project-based instruction, creative writing

Genre expertise: literature, sciences, translation, creative non-fiction, storytelling

Enjoys brainstorming with people. Helping people create a research and writing plan that works for them.

Jennifer Johnson

Areas of specialization: social sciences, cultural studies and qualitative research methodologies

Genre expertise: abstracts, proposals, personal statements, and honors theses and social science dissertations

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, argument development and revision strategies

Christopher Kamrath

Political Science/International Relations Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: history, literature and communications

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant applications, and writing for publication

Enjoys coaching argument development and style

Hayden Kantor

Areas of specialization: humanities, social sciences, anthropology, history

Genre expertise: research essays, personal statements, proposals and grant applications, cover letters & resumes, ethnographic writing and creative non-fiction, articles and presentations for non-academic audiences

Enjoys developing arguments, organization, revision, and style


Candice Kim

Areas of specialization: medicine, education, biology, storytelling

Genre expertise: course papers, personal statements, research manuscripts, grant proposals, writing for non-academic audiences, creative writing

Enjoys Brainstorming, revision strategies, argument development, organization


Valerie Kinsey

Areas of specialization: humanities, creative writing

Genre expertise: personal statements, proposals

Enjoys coaching getting started and idea development

Adam Kirosingh

Areas of specialization: Science & technology, microbiology & immunolgy

Genre expertise: Personal statements, research papers, dissertations

Enjoys Ideation, style, and revision strategies


Angela Lee

Majors: Psychology and Communication

Favorite topics to tutor: brainstorming, research writing, applications, PWR assignments

Activities and Interests: The Bridge Peer Counseling Center, gymnastics, poetry

Raechel Lee

Areas of specialization: literature, cultural studies

Genre expertise: personal statements, dissertation, creative writing, translation

Enjoys coaching: idea generation, revision, style


Amber Dale Levine

Areas of specialization: theater and performance studies, education, engineering

Genre expertise: PWR papers, reflections, performance analysis papers, study abroad applications

Enjoys coaching: brainstorming, organization, rhetorical grammar and style

Hannah Claire Llorin

Area of specialization: medicine, biology, epidemiology, social science

Genre expertise: applications, personal statements, research papers

Enjoys strengthening arguments, scientific communication, and refining personal statements for applications to grad/medical school or other post-grad opportunities

Kimya Loder

Areas of specialization: Sociology, Anthropology, African and African American Studies, International Studies, Political Science

Genre expertise: Resumes and Personal Statements; Graduate School Application; Grants, Scholarships, and Fellowships

Enjoys brainstorming phase, workshoping ways to tackle various prompts and questions, developing outlines and roadmaps for organizing writing.


Katelyn Hettie McKown

Area of specialization: natural sciences, biology, genetics

Genre expertise: personal statements, grant applications, research papers

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, condensing, and organization

Sangeeta Mediratta

Area of specialization: Rhetoric, Writing, Literature, Cinema

Genre expertise: Rhetorical Analysis, Close Reading, Comparative essay, Texts in Conversatoon, Research Based Argument

Enjoys the opportunity to have focused dialogue around a piece of writing and help see it grow.

Kevin C. Moore

Areas of specialization: Rhetoric, STEM Professional Writing, and American Literature

Genre expertise: Research papers, rhetorical analysis, as well as personal statements and resumes

Enjoys tutoring everything! In particular, helping students see what is already amazing about their writing and thinking.



Elizabeth Mortenson

Areas of specialization: social sciences, journalism

Genre expertise: research papers, long-form narratives, graduate school applications

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, argumentation, non-fiction storytelling and translating academic material for non-academic audiences

Cameron Young Park

Eldon Pei

Area of specialization: Film and Media Studies, Art and Art History, East Asian Studies, Asian-American Studies, Literary Studies, Creative Writing

Genre expertise: Critical Essay, Research Paper, Graduate Thesis, Fiction

Enjoys rhetorical invention and arrangement

John Peterson

Areas of specialization: cultural criticism, social sciences, literature, interdisciplinary studies

Genre expertise: personal statements, dissertations, articles for publication

Enjoys coaching getting started, analysis, and revision strategies

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Sarah Pittock

Areas of specialization: humanities and education

Genre expertise: research statements, personal statements, abstracts, honors theses and dissertations

Enjoys coaching invention, argument, style

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Emily Polk

School of Earth, Energy, and Environmental Sciences Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: social science, journalism, creative writing

All genres

Enoys coaching goal setting, brainstorming, revision strategies, writing for publication 


Rose Pozos

Rose Pozos

Areas of specialization: Social sciences

Genre expertise: Personal statements, grant proposals, research papers, non-academic articles, presentations

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, argument development, organization and structure



Rebecca Richardson

Art and Art History Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: literature, creative writing

Genre expertise: abstracts, cover letters, personal statements

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, organization, revision strategies

Katherine Rothschild

Areas of specialization: STEM writing; feminist rhetorics, writerly identity

Genre expertise: academic, research, fiction (novels) poetry, novels in verse, academic science writing

Enjoys seeing what other teachers are teaching and how students approach their identities as writers in their fields!


Isabel Salovaara

Area of specialization: Anthropology

Genre expertise: Personal statements, PWR assignments, undergraduate term papers, theses and dissertations

Enjoys Brainstorming, structuring arguments, revision strategies and polishing


Kim Savelson

Areas of expertise: literature, philosophy, and cultural studies

Genre expertise: multimedia

Enjoys coaching brainstorming

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Tesla Schaeffer

Area of specialization: humanities

Genre expertise: oral presentations, articles for publication

Enjoys coaching idea generation, organization, and grammar

Selby Wynn Schwartz

Areas of specialization: humanities, performing arts

Genre expertise: scholarly articles, journalism, hybrid/creative forms

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, clarity, and voice

Ruth Starkman

Areas of specialization: engineering, technology, philosophy, and political science

Genre expertise: academic journal articles, webtexts, and personal narratives

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, organization, revision

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Jennifer Stonaker

Human Biology Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: biology, genetics

Genre expertise: lab reports, personal statements, and dissertations

Enjoys coaching writing productivity, brainstorming, and revision strategies

Lisa Marie Swan

Area of specialization: social sciences

Genre expertise: problem statements, literature reviews, journal articles

Enjoys coaching brainstorming and organization

Kathleen Tarr

Public Policy Writing Specialist

Areas of specialization: law, media advocacy, performing arts, genetics, math

Genre expertise: legal writing, grant applications, personal statements, cover letters, creative non-fiction, press releases

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, time management, revision strategies

Mitch Therieau

Areas of specialization: Literature, philosophy

Genre expertise: Conference papers, term papers, articles, fellowship/scholarship applications, reviews, non-academic essays

Enjoys working with writers to develop ideas at every stage of the process, from brainstorming to the final touches.


Roberta Wolfson

Area of specialization: literature, ethnic studies, critical mixed race studies, cultural studies

Genre expertise: close reading, literary analysis, research papers, argumentative essays, resumes, personal statements, dissertations, scholarly articles

Enjoys brainstorming, outlining, thesis creation, argument development, revision


Cassie Wright

Areas of specialization: writing studies, international policy, sociology

Genre expertise: literature reviews, personal statements

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, revision

Irena Yamboliev

Areas of specialization: literature and science

Genre expertise: Literary essays, scientific journal articles, abstracts, conference papers, poster presentations, personal essay, public criticism, writing about visual art, dissertations

Enjoys coaching brainstorming, organization, revision strategies, oral presentation