Drop-In Writing Tutors

Hagar Gal

Anita Garg

Class of 2022

Major: Management Science and Engineering, Finance

Favorite topics to tutor: PWR essays

Activities and Interests: running, singing, and boba

Richa Gupta

Class of 2021

Major: Management Science and Engineering; Minor: Creative Writing

Favorite topics to tutor: PWR Essays, Personal Statements, Fellowship Applications, Creative Writing

Activities and Interests: Student Clubs: SENSA (social entrepreneurship), Stanford Finance

Shana E. Hadi

Class of 2021

Major: English and Computer Science

Favorite topics to tutor: PWR essays, creative writing, argumentative structure and flow

Activities and Interests: creative writing, drinking tea, wandering cities

Leah N Harris

Class of 2022

Major and Minor: Major in Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience. Minor in Electrical Engineering.

Favorite topics to tutor: personal statements, PWR papers, creative writing pieces

Activities and Interests: dancing, reading fantasy and spy novels, being a Matriculate advising fellow

Winnie Huang

Class of 2022

Major and Minor: Environmental Systems Engineering/ Chemistry & CS

Favorite topics to tutor: Speeches and Research papers

Activities and Interests: Baking, Knitting, “Playing” Instruments, Drawing

Kira Jan

Gaeun Kim

Veronica Kim

Class of 2020

Major and Minor: International Relations and Computer Science

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR, creative non-fiction, application essays

Activities and Interests: running, food videos, and spending time with friends

Sarah Lee

Class of 2022

Major and Minor: International Relations

Favorite topics to tutor: PWR 1 papers, creative writing, and organization!

Activities and Interests: Baking, eating baked goods, reading The New York Times and The Atlantic, listening to NPR and The Daily!

Enshia Ivy Li

Class of

Major and Minor: 

Favorite topics to tutor: 

Activities and Interests: 

Zachary Cooper Lo

Natalie Maria Longmire-Kulis

David Matthew Ohta

Class of 2019

Major and Minor: English and Economics

Favorite topics to tutor: application essays, creative non-fiction, PWR

Activities and Interests: BASES, powerlifting, LA sports teams, sneakers

Emma Leslie Paddon

Sunho Paik

Udani Satarasinghe

Serena Linna Zhang