Drop-In Writing Tutors

Sofia Ali

Class of 2019

Major: Human Biology

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR assignments and science writing

Interests and Activities: global health, running, and volunteering at Pacific Free Clinic

Zainab Ayoade Balogun

Lena Faith Blackmon

Class of 2019

Major and Minor: Materials Science and Engineering and Mathematics

Favorite Topic to Tutor: Introductions

Activities and Interests: Poetry, science, education

Astrid Marie Casimire

Class of 2019

Major and Minor: Human Biology and Creative Writing

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR assignments, brainstorming, creative non-fiction

Activities and Interests: Caribbean Students Association, Cardinal Calypso, Bridge Peer Counseling, Catholic community

Augustine Chemparathy

Class of 2019

Major: Bioengineering

Favorite Topics to Tutor: Essay Organization, Structure, Flow

Favorite Author: Kurt Vonnegut

Molly Culhane

Class of 2020

Major and Minor: History and Human Biology

Favorite topics to tutor: internship and fellowship applications

Activities and Interests: politics, travel, hiking, floor naps

Samantha Dore

Class of 2019

Major and Minor: Political Science and International Relations

Favorite topics to tutor: PWR assignments, essay organizational structure

Activities and Interests: Lightweight rowing team, Congressional politics, podcasts, the movie Troll 2

Ella C Eisinger

Class of 2020

Major: Biology

Favorite topics to tutor: creative non-fiction, application essays, research papers, science writing

Activities and Interests: Cardinal Free Clinics, running, hiking, brunching

Jacob Glaser

Class of 2019

Major: Mathematics, Philosophy

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR assignments, philosophy, application essays, brainstorming

Activities and Interests: Hockey, Greek life, meditation

Shana E. Hadi

Claudia Ruth Hanley

Class of 2019

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR assignments, brainstorming, creative writing

Activities and Interests: paining, working in the Product Realization Lab

Katherine Irajpanah

Class of 2019

Major: International Relations

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR, Social Sciences, Humanities

Activities and Interests: archival research, Honors Thesis in International Security, creative writing

Samantha Naomi Kargilis

Class of 2019

Major: Human Biology and English

Favorite topics to tutor: rhetorical analysis essays, argumentation, creative writing, brainstorming

Activities and Interests: Stanford Chaparral, Mixed Company Acapella, and the Storytelling Project

Veronica Kim

Class of 2020

Major and Minor: International Relations and Computer Science

Favorite Topics to Tutor: PWR, creative non-fiction, application essays

Activities and Interests: running, food videos, and spending time with friends

Lucas Benjamin Lawrence

Class of 2019

Major: Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies w/ honors

Favorite topics to tutor: I love working with multilingual learners/writers who are interested in expressing their expertise in a way that feels good to them

Activities and Interests: Creative writing, (trans)gender equity, mentorship

Angela Lee

Class of 2019

Majors: Psychology and Communication

Favorite topics to tutor: brainstorming, research writing, applications, PWR assignments

Activities and Interests: The Bridge Peer Counseling Center, gymnastics, poetry

Axelle Marie Marcantetti

Class of 2021

Major and Minor: Symbolic Systems and Languages (French and Spanish)

Favorite topics to tutor: anything! (structure & flow, applications, PWR assignments)

Activities and Interests: archery, creative writing, Stanford Daily, dance

Julia Elaine Massaro

Class of 2019

Major: Management Science & Engineering

Favorite topics to tutor: Anything!

Activities and Interests: Women's Lacrosse, Stanford Daily, Smart Woman's Securities

David Matthew Ohta

Class of 2019

Major and Minor: English and Economics

Favorite topics to tutor: application essays, creative non-fiction, PWR

Activities and Interests: BASES, powerlifting, LA sports teams, sneakers

Amanda Morgan Orbuch

Surbhi Sachdeva

Class of 2020

Major and Minor: International Relations and Creative Writing

Favorite topics to tutor: brainstorming/outlining, PWR assignments, SLE papers, and everything in between!

Activities and Interests: Stanford Women in Politics, Stanford Daily, hiking, yoga, calligraphy

Miguel Isaias Samano

Class of 2019

Majors: Comparative Literature and Chicanx/Latinx Studies

Favorite topics to tutor: literature reviews, SLE papers, literary analyses, abstracts, brainstorming

Activities and interests: Stanford Daily, drinking tea with friends, listening to music

Riley Spain

Class of 2020

Majors: Economics and Film Studies

Enjoys tutoring pretty much anything

Activities and interests: TA for Sleep and Dreams, movie script review, hiking

Eric Mingquan Tang

Class of 2021

Major: Computer Science

Favorite topics to tutor: brainstorming, creative writing, texts in conversation

Activities and Interests: Stanford in Government, long-form journalism, historical fiction