Hume Writing Resources


We are building this resource page. Check back for more resources -- we'll be adding more each quarter.

Research and Writing Resources

Learn how to use Stanford's library to support your writing and speaking. Review handouts that support writing productivity!

Research and Writing Resources

Documentation and Citation Resources for Writers and Speakers

Learn more about style guides, bibliographies, and more!

Documentation and Citation Resources

Grammar Resources 

Review these resources to avoid common mistakes and make rhetorical choices.

Grammar Resources

Writing a Research Proposal

Undergraduate Advising and Research has a detailed handout on writing a project proposal for funding.

UAR Writing a Proposal

Writing a Literature Review

This handout describes some of the key principles and components for writing a literature review, suitable for any field.

Writing a Literature Review

Understanding Qualitative Methodology

A short and useful handout addressing elements to consider when conducting a research project using interviews or other qualitative methods.

Qualitative Methodology


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