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Overview of Hume Center Tutoring
The Hume Center is staffed by experienced, trained tutors who can help you at any stage of the writing or speaking process on any type of writing or speaking assignment. To meet with a tutor, schedule an appointment, stop by Hume for drop-in hours, or visit one of our "remote" locations across campus
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Go directly to our online scheduling system to book an appointment. In writing, our appointment-based tutors are lecturers who teach in the Program in Writing and Rhetoric and trained graduate students from various academic disciplines. In oral communication, our appointment-based tutors are trained graduate and undergraduate students from various disciplines
View information about dropping in to see a writing or oral communication tutor, no appointment necessary. Drop-in tutors hold hours in the Hume Center; in addition, we have drop-in writing tutors located in satellite locations across campus
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If you are a Stanford student studying abroad, you may request an online tutoring appointment
Information about our program to support students working on digital media projects, such as PowerPoints, videos, websites or poster presentations
StoryLab’s mission is to help Stanford students, faculty and staff learn the craft of storytelling. Let us help you build vivid, compelling stories out of your research, personal experiences, imagination, and insights.