Digital Media Consulting

Digital Media Consulting

Digital Media Consultants in the Hume Center provide individual consulting to undergraduate and graduate students to help them build stronger and more effective arguments in digital media such as:

  • slideware (PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi)
  • video projects (YouTube videos, text animation)
  • websites and blogs
  • audio essays/podcasts
  • digital photography
  • research posters, flyers, and ads

what to expect

Digital Media Consultants can work with students in the following areas:

  1. CONCEPT PLANNING AND COLLABORATIVE STRATEGIES:  Our consultants can provide general strategies on planning and working collaboratively, brainstorming ideas, drawing storyboards, and providing feedback on storyboard concepts.
  2. VISUAL AND MULTIMEDIA ANALYSIS:  We can help students analyze and incorporate visuals and multimedia arguments into their essays.
  3. DIGITAL PERSUASION:  We can help students develop and improve the persuasive quality of their digital argument. The tutoring session might focus on:
  • focus and flow of argument
  • unity and direction through visual design
  • engagement with audience(s)
  • rhetorical effectiveness and relevance

How to make an appointment

  • Read through the bios to learn who the Hume Center's digital media consultants are.
  • Book an appointment with one of our digital media consultants. You can make one 30-minute appointment or one hour (two 30-minute appointment blocks).

Speaking Help

Oral Communication Tutors: Students who are presenting their multimedia projects can receive guidance and feedback from oral communication tutors in the Hume Center.  Presentation coaching appointments with trained student consulting staff can be made at:  For more information about presentation coaching and the oral communication services, please visit our Speaking page.


  • Faculty or administrators interested in digital media workshops, please visit our Faculty Resources Page for information on how to submit a request.  You can also email us at with questions about digital media workshops for classes.
  • Technology Help for Digital Media: Find out where to go for help with using image, audio, video editing applications as well as view tutorials for story boarding, image compositing, music composing, and more.
  • Copyright: Visit Stanford’s website on “Copyright and Fair Use” for Stanford’s position on the use of copyrighted material in videos, PowerPoint slides, or image compositing as well as discussions, blogs, and articles on the topic.