Thursday English Afternoons (T.E.A.)

Students meet with an OCT and writing tutor during T.E.A.

About T.E.A.

Thursday English Afternoons (T.E.A.) is a free program that offers conversation practice for non-native English speakers, undergraduate and graduate, at Stanford.  VPUE’s student tutors (OCTs and writing tutors) are available to guide general conversation and writing practice in the college classroom, providing tips on cross-cultural differences, basic skills in communicating in class or via email in common American idiom, and an introduction to academic writing and speaking. You’ll have the opportunity to refine your English skills by talking with tutors and other non-native English speakers.  Please note: Tutors are not trained to teach phonics, grammar, or English as a second language.


During Winter 2016, T.E.A. meets Thursdays from 4:00-5:30pm beginning January 21st in the Hume Center for Writing and Speaking, building 250.


Week 3:  Having conversations with professors: in class, during office hours, through e-mail

Week 4:  Engaging in class discussions

Week 5:  Interviewing skills: questions and answers

Week 6:  Writing e-mails including best practice for titles, greetings, closing etc

Week 7:  Speaking and writing academic arguments

Week 8:  Using gestures in everyday conversation; effective gestures in presentations

Week 9:  Having conversations with professors (revisited)

Week 10: Speaking and writing academic arguments(revisited)