The Stanford Storytelling Project

The Power of Stories

The Stanford Storytelling Project is an arts program at Stanford University that explores how we live in and through stories and how we can use them to change our lives. Our mission is to promote the transformative nature of traditional and modern oral storytelling, from Lakota tales to Radiolab, and empower students to create and perform their own stories. The project sponsors courses, workshops, live events, and grants.


StoryLab, designed to help Stanford students, faculty and staff learn the craft of Storytelling, meets weekly at the Hume Center during the academic year. Every StoryLab begins at 1pm with an hour workshop with an accomplished storyteller. We examine the craft of one great performed story or one skill that will make you a better storyteller in any medium. Then, from 2 to 4pm, our staff is available for one-on-one mentoring to help you discover, develop, and deliver any story. Let us help you build vivid, compelling stories out of your research, personal experiences, imagination, and insights.

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