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BOSP Cape Town Update, 04.24.18

Due to additional and improved information regarding the water shortage crisis in the city of Cape Town, the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) has decided to operate its Cape Town Program for Summer Quarter 2017-18 and we have notified the students who will be attending the program this summer. We are also moving forward with our three-week faculty-led seminar, Soccer and Rugby in South Africa: A Racial Divide and Future Transformation, taught by Robert Sinclair, Charles M. Pigott Professor in the School of Engineering.



FEBRUARY 23, 2018—Stanford’s Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) will introduce a new program starting in Autumn Quarter 2019-20 in one of the world’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan urban centers—Hong Kong.

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About BOSP

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Every Stanford undergraduate should give serious consideration to studying overseas.

Regardless of the academic path you choose, you will be enriched by time spent in another country. Achieving cultural literacy and gaining substantive understanding of other perspectives in the world will deepen your awareness of yourself, your educational goals, and your own society. Nearly one-half of each graduating class studies abroad through one of Stanford's overseas programs.

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BOSP Mission Statement

To achieve the goals of educating students for global citizenship with the necessary competencies for negotiating and acting within a global horizon, BOSP offers rigorous academic and experiential programming, affording students an opportunity to be more reflective about the world and their place within it by:

  *   teaching sensitivity to cultural and political differences through critical study of contemporary issues regionally and globally;
  *   fostering student confidence in their ability to adapt to new challenges and diverse circumstances;
  *   challenging students to deepen their language skills and cultural knowledge through cultural immersion;
  *   teaching students to become more adept at cross-cultural communication and international problem solving;
  *   offering students opportunities to connect what they learn in the classroom with other aspects of their lives and experience.

Students returning from overseas study begin to achieve that kind of integration.  Our goal is to help students better achieve integration between their local ambitions and global aspirations, better prepared to meet the responsibilities of local, national, and global citizenship.