Stanford Staff Listing

Contact Information

Bing Overseas Studies Program
Stanford University
Sweet Hall, Ground Floor
590 Escondido Mall
Stanford, CA 94305-3089
Phone: (1) (650) 723-3558


Faculty Director
Rodrigue, Aron
Burke Family Director of the Bing Overseas Studies Program
(650) 723-8807

Executive Director
Knauff, Shawna
Associate Vice Provost
(650) 721-6511

Associate Directors
Boyer, David
Associate Director for Academic and Strategic Initiatives
(650) 723-8808

Doyle, Adrian
Associate Director for Student and Academic Services
(650) 498-1241

Gentner, Heather
Associate Director for Finance and Administration
(650) 725-0240

Student and Academic Services

Falch, Stephanie
Program Advisor: Madrid, Oxford, Santiago, and Non-Stanford Programs
(650) 725-0235

Diamond, Morgan
Program Manager: Overseas Seminars
(650) 725-0236

Landwehr, Ashley
Program Advisor: Berlin, Kyoto, KCJS, Paris, and Non-Stanford Programs
(650) 736-2038

Malacki, David
Program Advisor: Australia, Cape Town, Florence, Hong Kong, New York, and Non-Stanford Programs
(650) 497-3992

Fields, Daniela
Academic Services Coordinator
(650) 725-0232

Finance, Technology, and Administrative Support

Cooley, Omar
Information Technology Manager
(650) 724-8729

Douglass, Rosemarie
Senior Accountant
(650) 725-0234

Lin, Bo
(650) 723-5434

Mathai, Sue
Administrative Coordinator
(650) 725-0230