2020-2021 FAQS

The Bing Overseas Studies Program is committed to the health and safety of our students as we continue to actively monitor the responses to COVID-19 within the U.S. and other BOSP program locations. Please direct any questions to: bospstudy@lists.stanford.edu, or +1 (650) 723-3558.


Students will have access to all programs and services provided by BOSP. Full-term study away opportunities will be available when local conditions and regulations support program resumption.


Students will have access to short-term study abroad programs (fewer than 10 weeks in length) and internship programs. Short-term study abroad and internship opportunities will only be offered during Summer Quarter (June-September). Students can continue to access online resources and advising support from BOSP staff.

Leave of Absence

Students are not eligible to participate in BOSP programs while on a leave of absence. Students can continue to access online resources and advising support from BOSP staff.

*Prerequisites may apply. See program webpages for details.


Enrollment Status Requirement



Leave of Absence

Program Type

Quarter-length Academic Programs (10 weeks)




Short-term Academic Programs (fewer than 10 weeks)




BOSP 10-week Global Internship Programs




Quarter-length Academic Programs

Eligibility requirements for quarter-length academic programs (hosted at our program centers in Australia, Berlin, Cape Town, etc.) will remain unchanged. Students must abide by the terms of BOSP’s Participation Agreement, ensuring that they will be enrolled full-time at each program as would normally be the case. Students on leave of absence are not eligible. Students on Flex Term are not eligible. No exceptions will be possible.

Short-term Academic Programs

These programs include our Overseas Seminars as well as summer programs currently in development to be hosted at some BOSP centers. These programs will yield between 2-5 units of credit and will last fewer than 10 weeks. BOSP will require that students be on a Flex Term to be eligible to participate. Students on a Leave of Absence will be ineligible. Students enrolling full-time at Stanford during the summer quarter will also be ineligible. No exceptions will be possible.

BOSP 10-week Global Internship Programs

In line with other full-time Stanford-funded opportunities (Cardinal Quarter, Undergraduate Research grants, etc.), students participating in BOSP internship programs must be in a Flex Term and must have been enrolled full-time for at least two prior quarters during the academic year. Students on a Leave of Absence are ineligible. Students enrolling full-time at Stanford during the quarter are ineligible. Additionally, our normal BOSP requirements for Krupp Internship Program and the Japan summer internship program will apply as usual. No exceptions will be possible.

*Prerequisites may apply. See program webpages for details.

You may participate in quarter-length academic programs and short-term academic programs immediately following a leave of absence. However, BOSP asks you to connect with an Academic Advising Director or an Athletic Academic Resource Center Advisor and with a Residence Dean during the application process. BOSP program applications are available to you during your leave of absence. If you plan to participate in a BOSP 10-week global internship program, you must have been enrolled at Stanford full-time for at least two prior quarters during the academic year. See program webpages for other participation requirements.

If you decide to reapply for a future BOSP program, your application will receive a preferred review and consideration. You will not, however, be guaranteed a spot in the same program. You can find information on our application cycles and deadlines here.

BOSP is currently developing additional program offerings for the Summer Quarter 2020-21. As details become available, we will share on our website and directly by email with students whose study away plans have been disrupted by program suspensions.

BOSP follows Stanford’s International Travel Policy, which prohibits university-sponsored travel “to countries or regions and locations within a country where the U.S. Department of State has issued an official Travel Advisory of Level 4 (“Do Not Travel”) or Level 3 (“Reconsider Travel”) for either the country destination, or for the particular region or location of intended travel within the country destination, or where there is other reliable information of significant health or safety risks.”

Program operational decisions also take into account the ongoing unpredictability of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on global health and travel. Stanford prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of our students and the host communities in which we engage.

BOSP is closely monitoring home campus communications and decision-making impacting the 2020-21 academic year. Many of the concerns and constraints affecting home campus decisions also affect BOSP programs. As Stanford considers a pathway for the entire academic year, including plans for Summer Quarter 2020-21, BOSP may consider possible changes or additions to our program offerings. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate complexities in current planning.

First, make sure you are completing all BOSP applications and participation requirements by their deadlines. BOSP will guide you through the necessary steps to prepare you for participation and will communicate with you by email if there are any changes to our plans or processes. While we share your hope that we will be able to operate future programs, you should work with your academic advisor and/or department to create an academic contingency plan based on courses taught from the Stanford home campus. We urge you to pay close attention to Stanford central communications surrounding plans for future quarters. We recognize that there are still many unknowns. Please closely monitor your Stanford email as we move forward.

BOSP is currently developing additional programs to be offered during Summer Quarter 2020-21. Along with our Overseas Seminars, we plan to offer quarter-length and short-term programs to be hosted at our BOSP centers. There will be offerings available for students who are fully enrolled and on flex term. More details will be available in October. Please subscribe to the BOSP mailing list to receive updates.

Your University Bill and financial aid award will reflect your actual enrollment plans for that quarter. For any questions or concerns about your University Bill, you should contact the Student Services Center. You are welcome to address questions or concerns about your financial aid award to the Financial Aid Office.

BOSP staff members are always available to help address questions and concerns about our programs and processes. If you are feeling generally stressed out or anxious, we encourage you to reach out to Stanford’s many student resources including Stanford Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) and Residence Deans and/or your Academic Advising Director. You can find many more resources on Stanford’s COVID-19 Health Alerts webpage.