Berlin Highlights

Student Profile - Corie Wieland
"Berlin has such a rich and complicated history. One of the greatest benefits to studying in Berlin is that the city itself becomes the classroom. Almost every street or building has its own complex story, and when you can see and touch the history you have otherwise only read about, it becomes more of a personal experience."

Student Profile - Charlie Xu

"I chose to study abroad in Berlin because I’m interested in a wide variety of subjects: engineering, politics, music, art, and history, each of which is magnificently interwoven into the culture of Berlin. In addition, the Berlin program provided me the opportunity to live with a host family, which offered me the perfect opportunity to truly experience what it would be like to live in another country."

Student Profile - Alex Young

"I essentially completed my German Studies minor in Berlin, and was able to do so through immersive and authentically German courses. My German also improved quite a bit, and I was able to complete my language requirement in two quarters as opposed to three. I also did an independent study with the faculty in residence, who was an incredible mentor. Through this, I was able to explore a topic in my own field of study that related directly to Berlin."

On Campus Gateway Course: German 88Q, "Germany in Five Words"
Offered during Spring quarter as part of the "Gateways to the World" program, the seminar course above is recommended to help you prepare for your time abroad. Additional consideration during the application process for this program will be given to students taking this course.

Krupp Internship Program

As a participant in the Stanford Program in Berlin, you are eligible for placement in the Krupp Internship Program. This internship is made possible by a grant from the German Krupp Foundation (Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Stiftung), and provides the opportunity for practical experience in a given profession.