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Due to substantial concerns about student health and safety due to the water shortage crisis in the city of Cape Town the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) is cancelling its Cape Town program for Spring Quarter 2017-18.


New Cape Town Director Selected

Student Profile - Dan Trunzo
“I was excited about the class offerings, meeting an entirely new group of people, and experience a new place with an incredibly rich history. My goal was to arrive in Cape Town with an open mind. I knew that as long as I was open to new experiences and stories, I would grow.”

Student Profile - Malia Wakinekona
“I choose to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa because it was a once in a lifetime experience to contextualize, experience, and feel the history of a place that I was so mesmerized by in those first 10 weeks of my freshman fall.”

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About Cape Town

The Cape Town program offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in engaged learning and academic courses focused on the history and politics of post-apartheid South Africa.