Florence Highlights

Student Profile - Vivian Nguyen
"Day after day of classes and travels, I became smitten with learning for the sake of learning, and what I learned in the classroom and out in the streets and museums of Florence informed my studies here on the home campus more than I could have anticipated. For me personally, I found many benefits with studying in Florence, benefits that include but are not limited to ideas for my senior capstone project, a refreshed approach to my STEM courses on campus, as well as a greater appreciation for what it truly means to be a student with intellectual vitality."

Student Profile - Sarah Phillips
"I learned that the only person standing in my way in everything (i.e. academic and social, etc.) is myself. I learned that my major and minors, while unconventional, are exactly what I should be pursuing. I learned my vocation is immigration and migration studies. I learned that I have some of the best friends in the world, and I hadn't even met half of them before arriving in Florence. I learned that I love Italy, and I plan to move there after graduation. I learned that, even though I will always want my parents, I don't need them. I learned that six months in Europe is actually NOT a long time, but rather a small taste of different cultures. I learned a lot more than this, so ask me about it when you come talk to me at office hours!"

Global Studies Minor Available in Florence
The minor in Global Studies, with a concentration in European Studies, is designed for undergraduate students who have an interdisciplinary interest in the history, culture, politics, societies, and institutions of Europe, past and present.

Student Internship Profiles
Read more about student internships in Florence within the fields of Art, Education Development, Law, Medicine and more.

Florence Video

The Florence Program strives to turn the students into academic travelers (not passing tourists) who will leave the city having mastered first-hand a culture (the Renaissance) at the core of the historical and artistic development of the Western world, and having developed a deep fluency on Italy, the European Union and the Mediterranean today.