Stanford in Florence

FALL 2021-22

Due to post-pandemic considerations, the decision has been made to house all students coming to Florence in Fall 2021 in a student residence. Additional information on accommodations can be found here.

Get Involved In City Life And Give Back To The Community

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How do I apply?

The Breyer Center for Overseas Studies in Florence

Palazzo Capponi alle Rovinate
Via de’ Bardi, 36
50125 Florence, Italy
phone: +39-055-248-0951/2
fax: +39-055-248-0338

Why Stanford in Florence?

  • Gain an understanding of contemporary Italian and European society while fulfilling Ways and major requirements.
  • Study in a culturally diverse city that is a locus for exchange and knowledge and a meeting place for a vast array of people, customs, and civilizations.
  • Debate about the politics, economics, and history of the European Union
  • Explore Italy’s rich and unique cultural, artistic, and historical tradition.
  • Enjoy contemporary Italian life as an insider through public service, internships, and the Friends a Firenze Program.
  • Discover Italy’s inventive contributions to the culinary arts, sustainability, music, fashion, art, industrial design, architecture, engineering and technology.
  • Experience firsthand the many ways in which Italy is leading the world with its innovative and cutting-edge sustainability efforts and environmental policies.
  • Benefit from a vantage point that places you at the crossroads between Europe and Africa.

What makes Florence so unique?

Best known as the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is also a place where a multitude of cultures meet and connect and where diverse voices communicate in a milieu of openness and tolerance. Indeed, its strategic position in the Mediterranean has rendered it a crossroads of societies and peoples since the Renaissance and that cross-cultural interchange has shaped and informed Florence’s unique identity throughout the centuries. Today the city is a flurry of industry and crafts, commerce and culture, art, science, and innovation that continues to draw visitors from all over the globe. While its immense history is present everywhere you look, it is a truly forward-thinking city that buzzes with activity all year round while keeping its small-town feel.

Fast Facts
Location: Florence, Italy
Population: 400,000
Housing Options: Student Residences
Primary Language of Instruction: English
Currency: Euro
Symbol of Florence: Fleur de Lis