Madrid Highlights

Student Profile - Cecilia Atkins
"The language pledge was challenging to stick to at first, but really brought the entire experience into focus. My Spanish improved dramatically, and using it everyday in academic and non-academic settings helped me move around the city with ease."

Student Profile - Carlos Bustos
"I think it's important to have a balance of traveling with spending time in the city that you choose to study abroad in. Some of my best weekends were the ones that I spent in Madrid and I think that although traveling to other parts of Europe was fun, I don't think you should come in with the expectation that every weekend is going to be a travel weekend. I realized this about a week into my study abroad experience and it made my experience in Madrid exponentially better."

On Campus Gateway Course: ILAC 130, "Introduction to Iberia: Cultural Perspectives"
Offered during Autumn quarter as part of the "Gateways to the World" program, the seminar course above is recommended to help you prepare for your time abroad. Additional consideration during the application process for this program will be given to students taking this course.

About Madrid

The unique focus of the Madrid Program combines linguistic and academic rigor, cultural immersion, and personal attention. The program introduces students to the richness and diversity of the Iberian Peninsula through first-hand theoretical and practical experiences. It seeks to familiarize students with the nuances of language, artistic expression, political culture, and environment that characterize the region.