Advising Student Handbook

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A Guide to Your Stanford Journey

The Advising Student Handbook considers some of the most common academic advising issues that Stanford students face. Whether you're deciding on a major, trying to get started in research, or struggling and looking for help, these pages offer a place to start and pathways to explore.

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Academic Progress and Policy

What Are My Minimum Academic Progress Requirements?

What Happens If I Don't Meet My Minimum Requirements?

Asking for an Incomplete

Repeating a Course

Requesting AP, IB, and Transfer Credit

Course Planning and Enrollment

Understanding the Course Catalog

What Does It Mean When a Course Has Variable Units? (3-5, etc)

Why Can't I Enroll in This Course?

What is a Directed Reading and How Do I Arrange One?

Taking Courses at the Business School, Law School, Med School, and

What Do I Do if I Still Have My SNG Hold?

Should I Withdraw From This Course?

Majors, Minors, Honors, and More

Exploring Potential Majors

How to Declare a Major

Minors and More

Senior Capstones, Honors, and Synthesis Projects

Making Connections

Connecting with Faculty

How to Email a Professor

Go See a Peer Advisor

Building an Academic Network

Doing Research

For Sophomores Only: The Chappell-Lougee Scholarship

Department Summer Research Programs

Making the Most of Summer

Use Summer to Meet Your Goals

Studying Abroad in the Summer

Further Resources for FLI Students, International Students, and Student-Athletes

Resources for FLI Students

Information for International Undergraduate Students

Resources for Student-Athletes at the AARC

Wellness, Resilience, and Academic Success

Making Time For Wellness

Free Tutoring and Help for Stanford Courses

Help with Procrastination, Test Anxiety and Study Skills Challenges

Help, I Failed a Midterm!

Leaves of Absence and Returning to Stanford

Taking a Leave of Absence

Returning After a Leave of Absence

Returning From an Academic Suspension

Coterms, Professional Schools, and Ph.D. Programs

Is a Coterm Program Right For You?

Information for Current and Prospective Coterm Students

Planning for Medical School

Planning for Law School

Planning for Business School

Planning for Ph.D. Programs