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The Advising Resource Toolkit

These advising tools may be used cooperatively during an advising conversation or you may use them on your own, to help you prepare for a conversation with your academic advisor. They are intended to:

  • help frame your reflections throughout your time at Stanford
  • guide your strategic thinking if you face challenges or difficulty
  • facilitate your academic planning and intellectual development
  • support you as you consider post-undergraduate education

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Hume Center Spring Quarter Tutoring Dates

Sunday, April 3 – Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Drop-in writing tutoring ends a week earlier, on June 1.

The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking (Hume Center) works with all Stanford students to help them develop rich and varied abilities in every aspect of writing and oral communication. In free individual sessions, Hume tutors help students get started on assignments; address and overcome writer's block or performance anxiety; learn strategies for revising, editing, and proofreading; and understand academic conventions in their fields.

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Bing Overseas Studies Programs

Berlin is both a political and artistic hotspot, so I often had the opportunity to practically explore my fields. There was always something going on that I wanted to see.
—Robin Willscheidt
Robin Willscheidt


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