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Please join us for a series of virtual events, hosted by BOSP global centers. Meet our dedicated staff, learn to cook with an Italian master chef, attend a guided virtual visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid, explore the reinvention of bookstores and cooking classes in France, and more!

Events are open to students, faculty, staff, and other members of the broader Stanford community.

The Advising Resource Toolkit

These advising tools may be used cooperatively during an advising conversation or you may use them on your own, to help you prepare for a conversation with your academic advisor. They are intended to:

  • help frame your reflections throughout your time at Stanford
  • guide your strategic thinking if you face challenges or difficulty
  • facilitate your academic planning and intellectual development
  • support you as you consider post-undergraduate education

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Undergrad Events and Deadlines
Nov 30

Psychiatry and Philosophy from Oxford

Psychiatry has since its very beginning had a troublesome relationship with philosophy. Some of the founding fathers of psychiatry believed philosophical knowledge to be indispensable for the clinical practice. Can such a verdict still be maintained, or would it...
Dec 3

Creative France in Pandemic Times : Bookstores and Cooking Classes Reinvented

No doubt people the world over have found solace in cooking and reading during the various periods of lockdown almost all our countries have been subjected to. But in France, a few creative individuals, have drawn on these activities to...
Dec 4

Winter IntroSems Status Released

Priority enrollment decisions for Winter Quarter released in the IntroSems' VCA by 5PM (PT) on Dec 4.

Cardinal Compass

Cardinal Compass is designed to help you navigate through your first year at Stanford. We can assist you in building a frosh year that takes full advantage of the wealth of frosh-friendly courses offered. We can also introduce you to the advisors ready to help you, and demystify some of the issues most commonly encountered in the transition to college.


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Students dancing in Roble. Photo by L.A. Cicero / Stanford News Service.

LSP IX Poster Gallery

Each year during LSP’s four week summer program incoming first-year students complete a group research project on a significant societal issue or challenge.

Stanford in New York

Being in New York City has helped me grow professionally and personally in a way I wasn’t able to do on Stanford’s campus...Through Stanford in New York, I’ve been able to explore what it means to be a public service worker in the city, inspiring and being inspired by the girls I was lucky to work with!
Meley Gebresellassie
Photo by Sam Hollenshead
Meley Gebresellassie. Photo by Sam Hollenshead


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