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Job Opportunity Fraud Targeting Students

The university’s Information Security Office is alerting the community to a recent scam targeting Stanford students with fraudulent part-time job opportunities. A handful of students have reportedly fallen victim to the scam in the past few months, which led to personal financial loss. Find out how to protect yourself!


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The humanities departments at Stanford are at the core of the university. Classes in these disciplines provide you with tools for creative and critical reflection and expression. They are a gateway to global cultures of the past, present, and future.

Humanities Departments, Courses, and More

Humanities and Arts Departments

What are the humanities at Stanford? View the complete list of departments and programs. 

Gateway Courses in the Humanities

Learn about introductory courses in the humanities. 

Why Study the Humanities?

Former students and Rachel Maddow, '94, weigh in. 

Other Opportunities for Humanities Students

Discover funding opportunities, career and internship support, student publications, and other resources for students studying the humanities.