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SoCo Spanish Immersion class. By Luis Gerardo Govea Moreno

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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VPUE advocates for and supports diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging at Stanford through our teaching, policies, programming, and partnerships across the university. In alignment with the Provost’s IDEAL initiative, VPUE is committed to creating a diverse intellectual community that “expands our horizons, enables understanding across difference, prevents complacency and promotes intellectual breadth.” 

The diversity of Stanford’s student community, across all dimensions, amplifies the transformative power of  the undergraduate education we offer. Students themselves change Stanford by contributing their unique perspectives to the community and by meeting, engaging with, and learning from others of diverse backgrounds and perspectives. This engagement grows when all members of the community feel fully welcomed and included in the life of the institution. 

VPUE units, programs, and activities strive to create educational experiences that make students feel included and welcomed throughout their academic and residential journey at Stanford. We are committed to ensuring that all students have access to the full range of transformative experiences that the University and VPUE’s programs offer. We help students reach their goals regardless of the choice of field of study, their academic preparation, financial situation, or systemic bias by actively addressing barriers and providing support. 

Student Perspectives

VPUE regularly seeks student perspectives and evaluative feedback through a student advisory board, as well as through the course evaluation process. Additionally, VPUE invites feedback from students participating in the range of experiential learning opportunities and other program programs, each of which actively seeks to involve a diverse undergraduate population

IDEAL University Information

Campus Communities and University Resources

Numerous cultural, ethnic, religious, and social student organizations as well as university resources provide student support and opportunities involvement.

DEI Initiatives