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Proposal Information

Deadline for proposals from faculty interested in leading a Bing Honors College cohort is March 1, 2024. Please email your proposal to

Since its inception in 1993, BHC has pursued the goal of accelerating progress on Honors theses by offering students an uninterrupted block of time during which to focus on their work before the start of autumn classes; providing the close supervision of a Faculty Leader; and fostering a sense of intellectual community among students within and across academic disciplines.

Faculty Leader Responsibilities

Pre-College: Select students; convene participants before the end of spring quarter; hire a graduate student assistant, if desired; contact students’ advisors (at a minimum, the thesis director should be informed about his/her students’ participation); arrange for workshops, training in specific skills, special events.

During College: Devote approximately 15-20 hours per week to student seminars, individual conferences, daily lunches, and attendance at Bing Honors College events, including opening and closing events should we be able to hold these. 

Note: Students and faculty divide their time between department/program seminars, independent research and writing, and one-to-one consultations. BHC also sponsors College-wide programs to encourage faculty-student interaction and scholarly community.

Post-College: Report on and evaluate the success of the College for students in the BHC group.

Student Selection Process

Each major is responsible for managing the selection process for student acceptance to the College. (As a general principle, we recommend that you give priority to those students who have a clear idea of what they want to accomplish during the College.)

Support for Faculty

  • A $6,000 stipend for Faculty Leaders leading cohorts of 4 or more students. If there are more than 12 students from a department or program, a second Faculty Leader can be funded. Note: For departments or programs with fewer than 4 students in their cohort, we will gather the students under a single appropriate Faculty Leader; these arrangements will be worked out after all proposals have been received in February.
  • $1,500 for the hiring of a graduate student assistant; if there are more than 12 students, a second graduate student can be hired.
  • Programming funds and expert staff consultations made available to each participating department or program to help students with their writing, oral communication, library, and research skills.
  • For residential students: funding for room and board and for early arrival charges for fall quarter campus housing.
  • For day students, who for various reasons will not be living in BHC housing, full access to the Faculty Leader and class cohort, and participation in the opening dinner and closing reception as well as all College-wide activities.
  • The Hume Center for Writing and Speaking is an invaluable resource for Honors students during the academic year, providing individualized writing consultations on a continuing basis, skills workshops, technical assistance, and boot camps for concentrated writing.