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VPUE Student Advisory Group

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The VPUE Student Advisory Group (SAG) advises Vice Provost Sarah Church on VPUE initiatives and brings student issues and interests for discussion. In essence, we are a standing focus group for VPUE.

SAG Snapshot — What We’ve Discussed Recently

  • How can Stanford help students feel more connected in a COVID environment?
  • How have students’ identities and relationship with Stanford changed as a result of what has been happening in the world?
  • What does liberal education mean to students?  Is it perceived to be in tension with other aspects of undergraduate education?
  • What were students’ experiences with diversity, inclusion, and accessibility during remote learning?  Are there things we should keep?
  • How to welcome back each class year in person in fall 2021?

SAG People — Who We Are

  • Vice Provost Sarah Church: group leader who determines topics and guides discussion; responsible for inviting new members to SAG
  • Senior Associate Vice Provost Shari Palmer: agenda-setter (with Student Chair) & note-taker extraordinaire; main point of connection between Sarah Church and Student Co-Chairs
  • Student Co-Chairs:  upperclass students appointed yearly to serve as student-VPUE liaison (coordinate meeting dates and RSVPs, communicate topic ideas and help set agenda, lead student-driven VPUE projects/pilots)
  • SAG Members: undergraduates and post-baccs who donate their time and thought leadership to provide insightful perspectives and generate novel ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of SAG members? 

  • Provide perspectives, ideas, and insights in reaction to VPUE proposals and initiatives
  • Engage with student body to ascertain concerns/issues and raise them with Student Co-Chairs as potential future meeting topics
  • Thoughtfully navigate undergraduate experience with eyes open for growth and improvement opportunities

How does one join SAG?

There is one major application deadline during the fall each year; however, there is a rolling application targeted specifically for frosh throughout the winter. Applicants are reviewed by Vice Provost Church alongside the SAG leadership team to select a diverse group of engaged students. If you are interested, please reach out to the SAG chairs to receive an application! 

Are SAG discussions secret?

No!* The goal of SAG is to provide a space for interaction between students and the VPUE. SAG members are encouraged to share discussion topics and elicit feedback from peers!

*Only exception: if a discussion is explicitly labeled “confidential”.

SAG Structure

  • Typically two to three 1.5 hour-long meetings each quarter
  • Opportunity for optional additional engagement including projects and follow-up discussions


Contact SAG Co-Chairs Nathan Kim and Phillip Wang.