Coterminal Degrees at Stanford

What is a “Coterm”?

“Coterm” students are students admitted to one of the Coterminal Master’s Degrees. This special admissions status allows undergraduates the ability to take courses that apply to both the undergraduate and graduate degrees concurrently. Coterm students may also transfer courses from the undergraduate to the graduate degree, typically up to three quarters back from the time of matriculation in the graduate program. Coterminal Master’s Degrees can be degrees that exist only as a coterminal option, or they can be programs that allow traditional and external applicants as well.

Advising for Coterms

The nature of having two programs / careers (UG and GRAD) open at the same time means that you may have to consult with more than one office or department regarding academic and registration matters.

BEFORE YOU APPLY:  Gather information via an informational session or make an appointment with your UAR advisor. You can meet with your AAD or AARC advisor before you apply. All UAR advisors can provide general information about the coterminal degrees program. If you have in-depth policy questions, it may be best to meet with the coterm advisor in Sweet Hall.

ONCE ACCEPTED: you will be assigned an advisor in your master's department for assistance in planning a program of study to meet the requirements for the master's degree.

WHILE YOUR UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM IS STILL OPEN: You should still seek advising via UAR advisor for undergraduate questions such as: petitions for exception to academic policy, undergraduate course selection, WAYS requirements, graduation checks, leaves of absence, etc. There can be special policy considerations for coterms with both programs open. When in doubt – seek advising.



Events and Information

Management Science & Engineering Information SessioN

Nov. 30th at 12pm in Huang 305. Light snacks will be provided, and students are welcome to bring lunch.

Please RSVP as space is limited.



Although coterms may enroll across both transcripts, you may experience trouble dropping units if they are the only units on the UG or GR transcript.

If it is after the preliminary study list deadline, then you may have issues dropping below 12 units on the UG transcript or dropping below 8 units on the GR transcript.


For these and all other issues related to dropping or withdrawing from units in Axess before published deadlines, please seek help by submitting a helpsu ticket



UAR advisors are unable to make these adjustments.