Get Focused

Start with your interests. What would you like to learn more about? Get to know faculty. Seek their help to narrow down your topic to the right size.
Develop your project
Refine your broad interests, focus your project goals, and find the right faculty mentor to guide your work.
Arts projects build on your creative skills and are situated within a larger artistic or design context.
Research in the humanities probes the meaning and possibilities of the human experience.
Join a lab that suits your research interests. You will often be working closely with graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and your faculty mentor.
Research in the social sciences uses a wide range of methods - fieldwork, database searches, statistical analyses, to name a few - to study society, human behavior, and how groups of people relate.
Senior Synthesis projects thread together your many quarters of curricular work within and across majors, and integrate that intellectual foundation in a new way, with a final product that is shared with peers, mentors, and the broader Stanford community.