Get Focused

Find Your Research Focus

Start with your interests. What would you like to learn more about? Talk to your advisors, professors, and peers. Get suggestions for where to look for existing project opportunities, or brainstorm project ideas.

Learn more about Getting Started With Undergraduate Research: Options and Opportunities (recorded video link).

Develop your project

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Reflect on Your Interests

The first step in taking on any independent project is to reflect on your intellectual interests, questions, and goals.

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Team Up to Learn How to Do Research

Team up with other Stanford scholars to learn how different disciplines approach the research process.

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Develop a Mentor Relationship

A good relationship with a faculty mentor is the cornerstone of all successful undergrad research and independent projects.

Assemble Your Research Toolbox

Fill your research toolbox with a unique combination of skills and knowledge.

Build Your Independent Project

Consider the time scale and resources you have to build a successful independent project.

Prepare for Your Off-Campus Project

Off-campus projects require extra preparation and careful planning.


Next Steps