Get Inspired

Conducting a research, arts, or senior synthesis project is different from the kinds of academic work with which you are usually familiar.  Independent project work helps you to:

  • Explore a topic that intrigues you
  • Enhance your skills
  • Develop a strong connection to faculty
  • Connect your diverse interests
  • Build a foundation for your future endeavors

An important early step is to think in a focused way about the kind of project you want to undertake.  What are the differences between research, arts, and senior synthesis projects?

What kind of project do you envision?





Senior Synthesis

Project Goals

°  to conduct original analysis in a scholarly discipline

°   to test a hypothesis

°  to create new work that applies your artistic vision

°  to reinterpret existing work in a new production

°  to connect your curricular foundations with a new experience or reflection

°  to integrate your coursework into an interdisciplinary theme

Significance and Rationale

°  a critique of peer-reviewed papers

°  a case that will interest other scholars

°  a critique of related artwork

°  a case that will interest other artists/critics

°  a critique of your Stanford coursework and activities

°  a case that will be thought-provoking for your mentors and peers

Possible Products

°   an honors thesis

°   a manuscript or abstract for a scholarly publication

°  a poster at SURPS

°  an exhibit, performance, film, or composition

°   a senior recital

°  a poster at SURPS

°  a reflective essay or website

°  a prototype

°  documentary journalism

°  a presentation, workshop, or event

°  a poster at SURPS