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The Arts Intensive offers three weeks in September, two units of credit and a creative community to last a lifetime! All courses are project-based and invite students to dive deep into a particular art form. Classes meet daily each September before the start of the academic year.

Arts Intensive turns 10!

"The Arts Intensive was valuable to me because it was outside of the regular school year and I had time to focus solely on my creative work with no pressure of other classes."  –Arts Intensive Student

Past Arts Intensive Courses

Arts Intensive Courses offered 2009-2019:

  • A 24-Decade History of Popular Music with Taylor Mac, Erik Flatmo**
  • A Raisin in the Sun, Harry Elam
  • Acting: American Realism of the Mid-20th Century, Kay Kostopolous
  • Acting: Musical Theater, Kay Kostopolous and guest Kelly Ground**
  • Acting: Theatre and Beyond into the World of film, Kay Kostopolous
  • Art and Science of Sound, Jay Kadis & Sasha Leitman, Eoin Callery
  • Art in the Streets: Identity in Murals, Site-Specific Works, and Interventions in Public Spaces, Ala Ebtekar
  • Ballet Intensive, Kristine Elliot & Muriel Maffre
  • Black & White Photography, Naomi Vanderkindren
  • Body (Landscape) That Remembers and Forgets: Tracing the Body at Risk, Ralph Lemon**
  • Chicago Architecture: History & Form, John Barton
  • Conservation Photography, Susan McConnell and guest Neil Osborne**
  • Design Thinking and the Art of Innovation, George Kembel, Bill Burnett, Cynthia Benjamin and various faculty
  • Design for Silver and Bronze, Amanda Knox Sather & Sara Shaughnessy**
  • Digital Art and Design, Dena DeBry**
  • Drawing Intensive: Revisiting Nature, Scott Hewicker
  • Drawing Marathon at the New York Studio School, Reed Anderson**
  • Digital and Black & White Photography, Jonathan Calm
  • Expanded Cinema: Experiments in Virtual Reality, Jamie Melter
  • Experimental Dance Theater in NYC, Parijat Desai**
  • The Expressive Vessel: An Immersive Introduction to Clay, Hideo Mabuchi & Deardra Fuzzell (Sarah Logan)**
  • Fiction Writing, Shimon Tanaka
  • Filmmaking, Jan Krawitz, Jamie Meltzer
  • Form & Space, John Edmark
  • Graphic Design: The Art of Product Branding, Peggy Burke**
  • Introduction to Visual Writing, Adam Tobin
  • Locating the Self: Poetics and Politics of Identity, Charif Shanahan
  • Modern Dance: Traditions of Creation, Robert Moses**
  • New York Still, Digital Photography in NYC, Jonathan Calm
  • Opera & Musical Stagecraft, Marie Louise Catsalis
  • Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA: A Celebration Beyond Borders, Gina Hernandez
  • Painting Engaging Stories, Barbara Karanian
  • Personal Narrative: Crafting Performances from the Material of your Life, Greg Taubman**
  • Public Art Practice: Site-Specific Mural Installation in San Francisco’s Chinatown, Julie Chang & Gina Hernandez**
  • ReVIVAL: A Site Specific, Multimedia Dance Theater Production
  • Scene in Action: Dance, Fashion and Visual Art in Performance, Aleta Hayes
  • Science of Sound, Jay Kadis & Sasha Leitman**
  • Sculpture and the Expanded Field, Terry Berlier
  • Set Design, Erik Flatmo
  • Short Fiction & Storytelling through the Arts, Shannon Pufahl
  • Sketch Comedy and Improvisation, Dan Klein
  • Self in Portrait Photography, Johnathan Calm
  • Spring Awakening: The Musical, Harry Elam
  • Tiny Eco Houses for Artists: Design & Build, David Szlasa & Sarah Curran**
  • Voice 101, Nova Jimenez & Marie Louise Catsalis
  • Write and Shoot: Narrative Filmmaking, Adam Tobin & Laura Green (Kristine Stolakis) 


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