Notation in Science Communication Curriculum

Curricular requirements

To receive the notation, NSC students must take 5 courses, for a total of 13-16 units:

  • PWR 99A: Portfolio Preparation I (1 unit)
  • PWR 99B: Portfolio Preparation II (2 units; for cohorts admitted after summer 2019, PWR 91NSC is a prerequisite for this class)
  • PWR 91NSC: Introduction to Science Communication (4 units)
  • PWR Elective Course: PWR 91 (3-4 units) or PWR 194 (3-4 units)
  • Non-PWR Elective Course with a significant science communication component (3-5 units)

As a capstone requirement for the Notation, students will produce an electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio) that showcases students’ ability to communicate effectively across disciplines, audiences, and genres.  It will be assessed by a committee as the final requirement of the Notation. 


Students are admitted to the Notation any time between the end of their first year and the beginning of their junior year. Once accepted into the Notation, students will select advisors who will mentor them throughout the Notation process: A faculty advisor from their major (or a related discipline) and an NSC advisor from PWR. See details on the NSC Major Advisors page.

Students typically should take PWR 99A at the earliest opportunity after they have been admitted into the Notation.  They must take PWR 99B in the winter quarter of their senior year.

Students will submit ePortfolios for approval at the beginning of the spring quarter of their senior year and will be informed if they have earned the Notation designation by the end of April or beginning of May.

NSC Dates and Deadlines

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