Winter Course Highlights


Augustine of Hippo. Sandro Botticelli, c. 1490 Why do people believe in God? What does it mean for people to experience the supernatural? How do we understand belief in God? How do people convey experiences that are by definition extraordinary to others?

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Folklore and Literature in Russia and Beyond: Vampires, Talking Cats, and Frog Princesses

Vampires Group PerformanceWhat is “folklore” and what is its purpose? How do we decide if something is authentically “folk” and does it matter? Why are Eastern Europe and Russia associated with the idea of folklore?


Why So Few: Gender Diversity and Leadership

Dr. Correll

Why are there so few women leaders and what is the cost to society for women’s underrepresentation in positions of power? How can organizations and individuals increase women’s leadership and be more inclusive of the diverse people that make up our society?