Sample Syllabi for Ethical Reasoning (ER)

Course How is this a good syllabus example?
BIOE 131, ETHICSOC 131X Ethics in Bioengineering
This syllabus teaches students how to apply ethical principles to new technologies and issues in bioengineering. They must think about the ethics of new device regulation, new reproductive and genetic technologies and regenerative technologies. The readings are clearly aimed at addressing particular ethical issues, that discuss ethical principles or theories that are brought to bear on particular topics.
ENGLISH 67N, ENGLISH 167H The Ethical Gangster Solid example of how an AII course can also fulfill the ER requirement.  Good ethical frameworks presented, especially in the course description.   This course is also Ways-certified for AII.
PHIL 174B The Philosophy of Basic Income The syllabus clearly outlines the ethical theory of basic income and students will analyze public policy.  The syllabus provides clear learning goals, reading list, assignments, and grading criteria.
COMM 131 Media Ethics and Responsibility Course applies a single ethical theory or framework to a range of ethical challenges in journalism. Students develop a deep understanding of this approach to dealing with ethical issues, as well as thinking through specific issues that arise in the media.
HUMRTS 102, IPS 208A International Justice The course examines mass atrocities on an international scale and has students explore these issues from different perspectives.  Detailed assignments challenge students with numerous questions to consider and debate.  This course is also Ways-certified for SI.